Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you’ll find valuable ideas and the inspiration you are looking for. I am Andreea, a passionate life and (human) nature explorer. This turned me into a strength and conditioning coach with a particular interest for movement.


Here’s my story in a nutshell.


Since I was little I liked to stay close to nature and move around especially barefoot in my grandmother’s garden. I was a handball player in middle and high school and stayed close to sports since then. I approach trainings from different angles and crossroad disciplines.¬†Above all I like to move and use diversity to enhance body performance.


Having an active and healthy lifestyle has become a priority in my life. At heart I am a runner and in 2018 my challenge was to become a kick-box fighter. But that’s not all. I am having lots of fun riding my bike especially when going downhill, playing squash with friends and climbing rocks.


I believe in the human body abilities to move well and perform complex physical activities. To maintain a high fitness level, I do CrossFit, Yoga, TRX, Calisthenics and Functional training.


My goal as a coach is to help you instill the principles of healthy living and get you moving. In the modern world we should take great care of our capabilities of moving our bodies as they have been designed to move by nature.