Hi, my name is Andreea, a passionate life and (human) nature explorer. Sports addict, healthy food lover, traveller and life enthusiast. My story in a nutshell is that I shifted towards a more holistic healthy lifestyle from office work and fancy jobs.


I am a runner and movement lover. I enjoy diversity in sports and I like to approach trainings from different angles. I also practice kickboxing, mountain biking, CrossFit, Yoga, TRX, Calisthenics, I do trekking in my free time and I play squash and rock climbing for fun.


My goal as a coach is to help you instill the principles of healthy living and get you moving. In the modern world we should take great care of our capabilities of moving our bodies as they have been designed to move by nature. I like to use the basics from human mechanics as a stable foundation to build further on more complex elements and ultimately achieve performance.