Hi, my name is Andreea, a passionate life and (human) nature explorer. Sports addict, healthy food lover, traveller and life enthusiast. I am a runner, I do kickboxing, mountain biking, CrossFit, yoga, trekking, squash.


Personal training. In love with sports and nature my goal is to educate you to instill the principles of healthy living and get you moving. Certified PowerBands and TRX trainer. I have been working with TRX and practicing CrossFit and functional training since 2015.


Product marketing. I work with startups and help entrepreneurs to develop stuff that looks beautiful, works great and makes business sense. I do Business Development, Digital Marketing and Product Management. I am highly interested in exploring new approaches to solving problems and how the evolution of technology changes our society.


My one and only life philosophy – You want something? Go get it. Period!