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Running in Budapest

  Since my first 26k in Barcelona, my new goal is to discover more of the new cities I visit, through running. My last adventure was in Budapest, Hungary. I think in life we all have our reasons… For me, being active into sports is not only a form of self-expression but also one of the best ways to discover… Read more →

What do we eat?

I am in front of my computer, thinking about my first days alone here and I am listening the noise of a fly. The weather is a bit cloudy and windy. And today the sun is shy. By the time I finished my sentence, the fly is gone and all I can hear, smell and feel is the nature, breathing,… Read more →

Time alone to the mountains

This week I’ve decided to have another “escape” and take some time off in the Apuseni Mountains. I am not going there with friends or family. Like I did it in Barcelona, I will be there by my own, but not alone, because I’m not feeling this way.   Similar to my trip to Barcelona, there is no master plan… Read more →

The story of my first 26k +

I am writing this blog post in the airplane, trying to sum up a great experience I had. I am looking on the window, hoping to find some inspiration on how to structure my story. The sky is blue and life feels great 🙂   In a previous blog post I was writing about discipline and consistency and the importance of… Read more →

10 Lessons Learned The Hard Way

The world makes us something that we are not.  We live in a volatile and unpredictable world. Changes are happening faster and faster. Unpredictability and unknown causes stress which leads to all sort of disease. The science will tell you that human brain is not adapted for the fucked up modern society we live in. Politics and economics will tell… Read more →

3 major changes I’ve made

Has been already 14 months since I started to make significant changes in the way I live, in order to build a new and completely different lifestyle. I started a long and demanding process of re-educating some of my needs, habits and thinking about the stuff I do. I was basically digging into a system to understand how it works.… Read more →

How is the American venture capital ecosystem evolving

2015 has been an interesting year for venture companies from United States. Last year, venture capital ecosystem has poured around $58.8 billion into deals and startups, according with MoneyTree™ Report from PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) and the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), based on data provided by Thomson Reuters. Here’s an overview registered in the last 5 years, presenting amounts invested… Read more →

On Being Part Of The Startup World

My first contact with the entrepreneurial world was as a founder back in 2013 while I was studying for my Masters in Bucharest. Being passionate about ideas and education, I started Successify. I was looking for a practical way to link knowledge to the practical side of entrepreneurship that was missing in high schools and in most of the universities.… Read more →

‘I want’ versus ‘I need’

Has been seven months since I started to seriously question myself about life and what’s really worth spending time for. I’ve started to do major changes in the way I live, the type of work I do, the environment I need and what’s my inner motivation for doing something meaningful. Everything was spinning around two of my strong life principles… Read more →

The Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

Source Unsplash Photy by Vladimir Kudinov We live in a very unstable world and sometimes I have this feeling that the human race acts like we are immortal. We simply forgot some basic rules about life, nature and food. Here’s the thing. We like to live fancy and we act like God on Earth, feeling in our element in the Consumption… Read more →