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Cine e tare ca muntele la Retezat Maraton?

Startul intarziat  M-am trezit la 6:00 am sa ma pregatesc pentru startul probei Zimbru de la Maratonul Retezat (23km +1850m D). Startul a fost anuntat initial la ora 7:30 insa datorita vremii ploioase s-a amanat cu o ora.  M-am dus cred eu, pregatita pentru prima mea experienta la Retezat Maraton, avand multe alergari cu diferenta de nivel la activ mai… Read more →

Care e treaba cu Kickboxingul?

“Badass woman” sau “Rupe-i” ori “Sa nu te supar ca mi-o iau” dar mai ales “Mai mergi sa te bati?” sunt printre cele mai dese glume auzite de la prieteni sau amicii care stiu ca am inceput sa practic Kickboxing.   A trecut un an de cand am inceput sa merg la antrenamentele de Kickboxing motiv pentru care doresc sa sarbatoresc… Read more →

De ce sa (nu) participi la Retezat SkyRace?

Incerc in ciuda caldurii de afara sa fac o analiza la rece a experientei avute la Retezat SkyRace. Un eveniment pe care l-am asteptat cu nerabdare pe masura ce vedeam pozele si filmuletele postate de organizatori. A fost de asemeni, prima data cand am participat la o competitie de SkyRace.   Am facut traseul Buta, 23km cu 1400m diferenta de… Read more →

What’s the point of running barefoot?

  There are two topics I would like to bring into conversation and invite you to debate. The first one is about running shoes and the second one is about foot strike. Both topics I believe represents a matter of interest for every runner.   I’ve taken part of endless conversation about running shoes and I must admit I have a thing with minimalistic… Read more →

What does lifestyle mean to you?

  Sometimes people ask me why I am so active and what’s my motivation for doing sports. I started to look for an answer that could possibly explain my vision but soon enough I stopped searching. I have realised that there is no perfect answer therefore I’ll try to simply share my view about what lifestyle means to me.  … Read more →

International Fitness Convention in Romania

This year I participated for the first time at the International Fitness Convention in Romania organized by Fitness Scandinavia School. During two days participants had lots of fitness options from participating to yoga, thai chi or more hardcore classes like kettlebell or cycling.   I have chosen to participate to seminars in the first day and attend classes in the second… Read more →

#4 When hard work pays off

  In 2017 my challenge was to do sports every day for a year. It was an adventure with ups and downs with many insights and learnings about body and mind. In the previous articles I wrote about food and how does it feel to stay out of you comfort zone for long time.   On running: my goal during the summer… Read more →