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Semimarathon in Italy

Starting with 2016, my goal is to run a semi-marathon, in a every new city I visit. Another thing I do, is to get an old book written by a local author, in the local language, usually a novel or a poetry book. First time to Italy, I run a semimarathon in Bari, a small city in the south of… Read more →

How was at Transfier 2016

TRANSFIER 70.3 is the 3rd most difficult triathlons in the world, organised on Transfagarasan, a 90km paved mountain road crossing the southern section of the Carpathian Mountains, which climbs to an altitude of 2,042 metres (6,699 ft), making it the second highest mountain pass in Romania after the Transalpina. Photo from Wikipedia I participated to the King of Transfagarasan contest, which is a… Read more →

Running in Budapest

  Since my first 26k in Barcelona, my new goal is to discover more of the new cities I visit, through running. My last adventure was in Budapest, Hungary. I think in life we all have our reasons… For me, being active into sports is not only a form of self-expression but also one of the best ways to discover… Read more →

Time alone in the mountains

This week I’ve decided to have another “escape” and take some time off in the Apuseni Mountains. I am not going there with friends or family. Like I did it in Barcelona, I will be there by my own, but not alone, because I’m not feeling this way.   Similar to my trip to Barcelona, there is no master plan… Read more →

The story of my first 26k +

I am writing this blog post in the airplane, trying to sum up a great experience I had. I am looking on the window, hoping to find some inspiration on how to structure my story. The sky is blue and life feels great 🙂   In a previous blog post I was writing about discipline and consistency and the importance of… Read more →

Why I start writing

My guess is that every person has his own beliefs about not being able to do a certain thing. I was convinced that I am not able to write and nobody would ever be interested to read my lines. I thought that I don’t have talent therefore there is no point for doing it. I started to have this thing since… Read more →