Healthy Lifestyle Challenge (EN)

What is it?

Do you want to live healthy but you don’t know where to start? Join the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge to learn how to access a more active lifestyle and feel better inside out. The purpose of the program is to educate you to instill the principles of healthy living and get you moving.



For whom?

If do you want to improve your health condition and make changes towards a healthy living, this challenge is for you. By joining the program you commit on participating on trainings and apply what you learn on your day to day activities.



Why participating?

What will learn through this program:

  • How to reach your goals in a sustainable way
  • Develop body awareness
  • Detect harmful habits and replace them with positive ones
  • Weight loss and increase self confidence
  • Group trainings and peer to peer support
  • Improve your diet and eating habits
  • Learn the principles of healthy living



Trainings will be organised in the Gheorgheni Sport Park, three times per week. Group trainings duration is one hour and the difficulty of trainings will be adjustable based on the group dynamic and performance. The park gives access for free to lockers and showers if you register on Calendis website as a member.



The program starts in May and ends in June. During two months we’ll train together and the ultimate goal is to educate you to instill the principles of healthy living and get you moving.


Program fee

For the first edition the price is heavily discounted and you pay only 200 RON. The program is limited to 10 spots.

Referral: If you refer the program to a friend and you both register, the fee is reduced to 150 RON for each registration.




Who am I? In love with sports and nature my goal is to educate you to instill the principles of healthy living and get you moving. Certified PowerBands and TRX trainer. I have been working with TRX and practicing CrossFit and functional training since 2015. The best I can describe myself is a sport addict and a healthy lifestyle promoter.

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