‘I want’ versus ‘I need’

Has been seven months since I started to seriously question myself about life and what’s really worth spending time for. I’ve started to do major changes in the way I live, the type of work I do, the environment I need and what’s my inner motivation for doing something meaningful.

Everything was spinning around two of my strong life principles that I started to seriously take in consideration after I’ve made my New Years Resolution list for 2015.

Do what makes you happy and Don’t waste your fucking time are some of the things that inspire me to be and stay an authentic person.

I’ve realised that life-style is built on values and beliefs but above all, on the needs that we think we have.

But how much needs are dictated by the society we live in? How much people have the liberty to choose and based on what do they make their choices?

“The richest man is not he who has the most, but he who needs the least.” – Anonymous

Having this powerful quote in mind, this is how I would like to explain that comfort is a very relative thing in nowadays society and is directly connected with how much time, money and effort we put into getting the stuff we think will make us happy.

The way we live and everything we do speaks about who we are! I think that life is ultimately about giving more and asking less!

Homes (luxury vs. eco)

Vila-Vita-Parc-Villa-Atlantico-Exterior    eco house


Cars (jams vs. health & fun)

cars  1 Bike 3 People


Social life (instant msg vs. being present)

smartphones  scoializing2


Food (fast & cheap vs. health & community)

fast-food  community gardens.jon peterson


Nature (money vs. responsibility)

defrisari  plantari


Life (Stop the fucking plastic waste!!!)

dead bird from plastic  pasari in delta


Equality (This is not about wealth, it’s about giving more to the ones who have less)

restaurant  garbage

And the power of moneyHave you ever thought how many people could you feed with a $1/day?

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