Here are some of my favourite topics.

Entrepreneurship & Start-ups. I believe in a great idea but I would rather rely on execution and ones ability to implement a long term vision.

Food. Food loss, food chain, hunger and inequality.

Agriculture. How the food is grown and chemical pollution. Farming.

Housing. The design and sustainability of the new housing concepts.

Behavioural Economics. I think that Economics helps us to better understand the world we live in.

Technology. What has not been done yet and how the use of technology changes our society.

Life. Shifting perspectives and thinking differently. Daring and dreaming.

Nature. Environmentalism and ecological crises we face.

Sports. I’ve become pretty fascinated about how the human body works. I love sports, especially the ones that require focus and challenge us not only to train our body as much as to train our mind.

Philosophy. Thinking about abstract but important stuff in life.

Health and science. Especially the human brain.

Last but not least, People. You will never ever get bored! 😉

Beside entrepreneurial projects, I look forward to be actively involved in other initiatives for: reducing poverty, solving environmental problems, growing healthy food, providing education to disadvantages countries, reducing waste [clean water, energy, food], providing clean water in disadvantages areas.

If you have the same interests or have started a project in some of these areas, I’d love to hear your story.  Feel free to get in touch.