When I founded Successify, back in 2013, I was trilled by the idea of finding better ways to provide entrepreneurship education to young people. I started to build Successify as a Pre-Startup Mentoring Program for young idea makers around the world.

I worked with youth for five years. My keen interest was to help them developing their ideas from the very early stage and fill the gap between intellectual and practical learning. This is how I coined a Pre-Startup Canvas and designed a Pre-Startup Mentoring Program aimed to help young idea makers developing their ideas further.

During my work for Successify I focused on designing processes in order to engage aspiring entrepreneurs in fast learning experiences for a clear understanding of entrepreneurship:

Learningaccess learning resources & tools for idea development & get involved in real entrepreneurial activities

Community be part of an enthusiastic community with a deep interest for entrepreneurship based on collaboration and knowledge sharing

Mentoring engage in a do-it-together experience with international entrepreneurs

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