International Fitness Convention in Romania

This year I participated for the first time at the International Fitness Convention in Romania organized by Fitness Scandinavia School. During two days participants had lots of fitness options from participating to yoga, thai chi or more hardcore classes like kettlebell or cycling.


I have chosen to participate to seminars in the first day and attend classes in the second day. Based on my participation I will present the highlights of the conference. I’ll sum up a few learnings from the presenters I have resonated the most with especially from the training approach.


Postural alignment with Tiberiu Vintiloiu 

The main message he had was to stay open. What does that mean?

The body posture is very much influenced by our subconscious. We express our thoughts and emotions through our body but many times we’re not aware of that.

Another idea I liked is about the connection between the ground and the foot. The way our foot is touching the ground will influence the entire body posture and the way we walk, stand up and run.





Restorative movement training class and The future in strength and conditioning seminar with Matthew Griffiths

Train and move in all planes of motions and include variety into trainings. Is very important to restore the elasticity of the soft tissue and work on conditioning the movement first.

Mobility is a must! Make sure the joints are moving correctly before loading.

Without elasticity and mobility you cannot train for performance.





Mobility with Attila Gyomrei

Attila’s class was all about training joints elasticity especially on the foot.

The movement approach he had was to keep the mind open, relaxed and allow the child from within to play.

And that’s critical – when your mind is not present and stressed out, your body gets stiff and the movement is loosing the form.

He is teaching based on the Budokon philosophy.





Thai Chi class with Beko Kaygee

I enjoyed Beko’s class and the idea he shared with us – don’t use force, let your body move free, relax and feel the energy of your partner.

His class made me think about my kickbox trainings and how can I incorporate the relaxation of thai chi into my practice.

He told me with a relaxed smile that he practiced “too many” martial arts for many years. I could tell by the way he was moving that his body is relaxed, in control and his mind is present, aligned.

A friendly and smily spirit, open to correct your movements and share his knowledge, Beko is promoting the Budokon philosophy.

He is also practicing and teaching toga to compliment his martial arts trainings.






Athletic drills seminar with Lucian Nicolescu

The main idea of the talk was the importance of the plyometric exercises and the difference between plyometrics and jumping.

Lucian emphasized the idea of incorporating plyometric exercises into trainings in order to develop the myotatic reflex or stretch reflex.

He is a former swimmer and runner and I was pleased to listen his advice and attend to his seminar.





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