How To Choose A Job

Today I will put aside for a bit my entrepreneurial spirit and I will speak from the young professional point of view and share some of my experience from being part of the international labor market for around two years now.

I grew up and was educated in Romania but for some reason I didn’t feel part of the system since I was always looking for new professional challenges and empowering life experiences.

I don’t remember my last job interview in Romania but I certainly remember the interviews I had with some awesome companies from the startup world. Just to name a few: ef.Hit Fox Group, Rocket Internet, Startupbootcamp Berlin, Pioneers, F6s, Bethnal Green Ventures and some International Volunteer Organisations from UK, NYC and London startups.

In the last two years I’ve lived in four countries and after some great experiences, I came up with my own conclusions about what it means to secure a job. “Life is too short to be small.” Benjamin Disraeli said. So make the best out of it because nowadays the greatest opportunities are just one click away and a very good pitch!

Average is over and this is my tip: don’t look simply for a job. Keep a constant eye out for the right playground where you can learn and be great!

Don’t sell only your time for the sake of having a job. I never do this! Reconsider your offer and add some competitive advantages to the list if you want to become a building block for a company:

1. Your ambition and drive can make you an asset for the company. Your desire for growing fast keeps you motivated to deliver great results.

2. Knowledge is expensive! So, what do you know and how fast can you learn?

3. This is one of my favourites: the way you think! This is your lifetime personal investment.

4. Talent and passion – this keeps you creative, dedicated, focused and companies are looking for innovation as a competitive advantage.

5. Efficiency – I personally don’t believe in the quantity but rather in the quality.

6. Leadership and/ or great implementation skills.

7. Be you! Your future boss, colleagues, need to like you for who you are.

8. Network – It’s not only about what you know, it’s also about who you know!

9. The ability to learn fast and keep your mind open for trials and errors.

10. Life experience and your ability to successfully apply learning and connecting the dots.

11. Flexibility – Highly important if you want to work in a startup especially the ones in development stages. The company might look completely different over the weeks and you need to have the ability to deal with diversity, even to switch the position when it’s necessary.

12. Be a team player. Nobody wants arrogant dudes around.

13. The way you spend your free time sometimes makes you to look good. So, be careful how do you wrap that!

14. The ability of being a risk taker and master decision making skills.

15. Whatever makes you unique and it’s worth added to the list 🙂

A few days ago I found two great stories that could inspire you. Tristan Walker and Ryan Graves will definitely give you a hint!

So, remember. This should not be about you trying hard to secure a good job. This should be about you being great!

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  1. Jack V Matson
    April 10 at 7:50 PM

    The alternative path to employment is to start your own startup company. But first it may be best to get some experience by working for a startup.

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