Why I start writing

My guess is that every person has his own beliefs about not being able to do a certain thing. I was convinced that I am not able to write and nobody would ever be interested to read my lines. I thought that I don’t have talent therefore there is no point for doing it.

I started to have this thing since I was a student. When I was working on my papers I had lots of blank moments. I felt completely fine when I was out, enjoying the nature, reading, doing sports, chatting with friends and even in the coffees when I was writing down my ideas on the napkins.

Back then, it was a bit difficult to put my ideas together. In fact, the issue was not about having lack of inspiration. The problem was that I had too many ideas in my head and it was just a matter of structuring and better organising my own thoughts.

Has been almost 5 years since then and I spent lots of time in structuring my mind and organizing the flow of my thinking. Lately I felt a deep desire on sharing my knowledge and experience with others. I think there is nothing more inspiring when you see that someone out there could make a great use of your learning.

So, the main reason for being here and sharing my story is because I just can’t stop experimenting. I truly believe that in order to grow you need to start doing what scares you or what makes you feel uncomfortable.

All I am saying here is that sometimes you need to throw yourself into the water if you want to learn how to swim.

How many times people don’t think that they are not good at this or that? How many of your friends did you hear about saying, “I am not for this.” or “I don’t have talent.” That’s the trick. You don’t know how good or bad you are if you never try it.

So, here I am! I am exposing myself to the world and let my readers to decide. I am pretty exited about the exercise and I can’t wait to see my evolution over a year and compare my posts.


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